Where Are OPTIMA Batteries Sold?

If you need to buy an OPTIMA battery, you have a lot of choices for retailers, both online and in-person. Unfortunately, not all of the people selling OPTIMA batteries are authorized to do so. That is important to know, especially if you are buying online or ever need warranty assistance. There are no authorized retailers selling new OPTIMA batteries on eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, Offerup, Gumtree or any similar sites. All OPTIMA batteries being sold on those sites are considered "used" and carry only the warranty coverage a seller is willing to personally provide. 

That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of authorized OPTIMA battery retailers online and you can read more about those options here. That list would obviously include factory-direct purchases from optimabatteries.com but also retailers like Jeg's, Summit Racing & 4 Wheel Parts, to name a few. If you'd like to find a retailer near you, you can find a list of authorized OPTIMA battery retail locations near you here.