Where Can I Buy a Car Battery Near Me?

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When car batteries die, it rarely happens at a convenient time or location. We should all be so lucky as to discover our car battery is dead when we're parked outside an all-night autoparts store, right? So what can we do and where can we go to find a replacement battery. Many roadside assistance services will sell batteries and that might be a good place to start. However, keep in mind, you might end up paying a premium price to have a battery delivered and/or installed directly into your vehicle.

If you have a little more flexibility, but still need same-day service, many local brick & mortar auto parts stores will sell batteries. Some of the authorized retailers who sell OPTIMA batteries include Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, 4 Wheel Parts, Pep Boys, Interstate Batteries, Blain's Farm & Fleet, O'Reilly Auto Parts and Canadian Tire (if you are north of the border). Authorized retailers like those mentioned will typically have any battery in stock that you may need for your vehicle and in some cases, they might be able to install it for you. You can find an authorized OPTIMA Batteries retailer near you on our site.

Sometimes local businesses or national chains cease operations and third-party liquidators come in and purchase existing inventory to sell at (sometimes) discounted prices. When these liquidators purchase OPTIMA batteries from these retailers, the liquidators are considered the original purchaser. As such, when they re-sell these batteries at "going out of business" sales, they are actually selling used products that carry no warranty coverage, regardless of what a liquidator might say otherwise in order to facilitate a sale. If a deal on OPTIMA Batteries seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have even more flexibility in how soon you need your battery replaced, you may consider shopping online and because OPTIMA Batteries have a sealed design, they can be sold online and shipped directly to your house. Did you know you can buy OPTIMA Batteries direct from the factory? Sometimes these online retailers seem like a more convenient option, but that doesn't always make them the best choice over brick & mortar retailers, especially if you need same-day service when buying or are dealing with a warranty issue.

There are also a lot of batteries being sold online by retailers or other sellers, that carry no warranty coverage. All new OPTIMA batteries carry a three-year, free-replacement warranty, except for BLUETOP batteries, which carry a two-year, free replacement warranty. These warranties are serviced by the original retailer, so if you buy a battery from an online retailer, make sure they are authorized to sell and service the products they are selling. Many batteries being sold on Craigslist, Facebook Groups and eBay are the digital equivalent of buying a battery at a local swap meet or flea market and carry no warranty coverage at all.

Is the battery really in the condition claimed? Is this person selling me stolen property? These batteries are often sold by people who may be very difficult to locate, if you do need warranty service or your battery shows up damaged. What is your degree of confidence you will find that seller in the exact same place a month or even a year from now?

Be careful when buying batteries online, even if the seller says the battery is "new." If they don't have a name you recognize, the day you meet them may be the last day you ever see them again.