Who Can Go to SEMA Show?

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Las Vegas, NV
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The SEMA Show takes place each year in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the largest automotive aftermarket trade show in the world. However, access to this show is restricted, so it isn't open to the general public. So who can get into the show? Obviously, anyone who is exhibiting at the show can get in, so that includes manufacturers, builders, etc... So who else can go? Basically, any (adult) who proves they were in the automotive aftermarket. They typically require some type of proof, like a business card, business registration or a recent pay stub. The media covering the aftermarket is also allowed to attend.

In recent years, SEMA has also started somewhat of an after-party for the SEMA Show, known as "SEMA Ignited" and some of the SEMA Show cars will be on display at that show. They've been charging $20 admission for adults to that show, but kids get in free. If you don't have the means to get to Las Vegas or the ability to attend either show, you can check out our massive archives of SEMA Show photos, including a huge album below. Once you peruse those photos, see even more SEMA Show photos here.