Who Sells the Best Automotive Battery?

We hear the question "Who sells the best automotive battery?" quite often, but as it relates to retailers selling batteries, there's more factors to consider. First of all, ask 100 automotive experts (or 100 gearheads on the internet) who sells the best automotive battery and you're likely to get a whole lot of different answers. Maybe not 100 different answers, but certainly far more than one or two names.

So if you're ever able to reach a consensus or make a decision based on that feedback or some other research, the question then turns to who actually sells the battery you want to buy and where are they located in proximity to where you are now and where you live, if those are two different places. Those are important considerations, because if you decide "Brand Q" is the battery to have, but you need it today and there are no retailers near you selling it and/or it will take a week to get it if you order online, then you may have to consider a different battery brand.

That's also an important consideration, in case you need warranty service on your battery. The way battery warranty service typically works (and you should always ask how it works before making your purchase) is that you return your battery to your original retailer for warranty service. If you ordered your battery online, that may mean sticking it in a box and shipping it somewhere for evaluation and possible replacement. 

Getting same-day warranty service gives a distinct advantage to brick & mortar retailers selling batteries, especially those with a national footprint, like Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly, etc... If you need warranty service on a battery from one of those national retailers, you're typically able to get it serviced at any of their retail locations and most will have your original purchase information in their system (but it's always a good idea to photograph or tape/secure your receipt underneath your battery, just in case). 

OPTIMA does their very best to partner with outstanding retailers, many of whom do have a nationwide footprint and you can find a retailer near you here, but we also sell factory-direct.