June Sprints Results 2018- Touring 2


Amateur racing comes in many forms and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) sanctions several forms of racing, including club racing at iconic race tracks, like Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. The Chicago Region of the SCCA hosts the annual June Sprints at Road America, but competitors flock to this bucket-list track from all over the country to compete in more than two dozen different classes.

According the the SCCA website, the Touring classes were developed in a "response to the ever increasing performance of today's street cars and to expand participation by various manufacturers." They continue by saying the Touring classes are for cars, "which because of their performance potential, required some changes to their wheel/tires and suspension components." The Touring 2 (or T2 as it is often identified as on cars) includes the likes Camaros, BMWs, Porsches and others. The results of the two races from the SCCA's 2018 June Sprints, as well as a photo album of some of the competitors in this class can be found below. See the results and photos from the American Sedan races at the 2018 June Sprints here and Touring 3  here.

Hoosier Tire Saturday Race

DriverCar #CarFinish
John Kachadurian85Porsche 996 Carerra1st
Michael Lavigne42Ford Mustang GT2nd
Alan Kossof12Porsche 9963rd
Brandon Puk152008 Porsche 9974th
Bill Collins63Chevrolet Corvette5th
Rob May4Porsche 997.26th
Buz McCall22009 BMW M37th
Woody Alverson32Porsche 911 S8th
Gregory Schermer492008 Porsche 9979th
Ryan Upham26BMW E46 M310th
William Moore33Chevrolet Camaro11th
John Snyder14Porsche 997.212th
Matthew O'Toole3BMW M235iR13th
Aaron Kaplan182008 BMW M314th
Charlie Peter662016 BMW 235i15th
Max Fedler52015 BMW 235iR16th
Tom O'Toole47Porsche Cayman17th

SCCA Chicago Region Sunday Race

DriverCar #CarFinish
John Kachaduriar85Porsche 996 Carerra1st
Aaron Kaplan182008 BMW M32nd
Michael Lavigne42Ford Mustang GT3rd
Alan Kossof12Porsche 9964th
Brandon Puk152008 Porsche 9975th
Bill Collins63Chevrolet Corvette6th
Rob May4Porsche 997.27th
Woody Alverson32Porsche 911 S8th
Gregory Scherme492008 Porsche 9979th
Buz McCall22009 BMW M310th
William Moore33Chevrolet Camaro11th
John Snyder14Porsche 997.212th
Tom O'Toole47Porsche Cayman13th
Charlie Peter662016 BMW 235i14th